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8 tips on How to Choose the Best Pool Fence Installer in Melbourne

Selecting the right team to install your pool fence can be difficult. How can you be sure they are the perfect fit for your needs? Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure you make the best choice for your Melbourne pool.

1. Trust in SPASA Accreditation:

When it comes to pool fencing, entrust your project to a SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) member. SPASA is a dedicated, member-based organisation committed to guaranteeing consumers receive high quality service for all their pool, spa, and outdoor living requirements. Opting for a SPASA member as your fencing installer in Bayside Melbourne ensures that you get the most well-trained and professional experts for your fencing needs, with the most up-to-date information on products and legislations.

2. Full Insurance Coverage Matters:

Ensure your chosen pool fencing company is fully insured. This not only instils confidence in clients, but also meets legal requirements and ensures worker safety. Comprehensive insurance for a pool fence installer in Melbourne should include coverage of:

  • Water Safety:
    There are a number of legal requirements for fence installers. This includes laws that most recently came into effect in 2019, which has placed more importance on both inspection of pool fencing and compliance. Pool fencing must be a minimum of 1200mm high, and clear of climbable objects. You can check further requirements by going to the Pool Safety Website. Your fencing company should be aware of these requirements, to ensure the safety of you and those who will be using the space. It is imperative that any fencing company has the right level of insurance to combat any potential situations that may arise should there be any complications.
  • Public Liability Protection:
    Public liability insurance is paramount for any fencer Bayside Melbourne. Accidents are always a potential during any construction works. If your property is damaged or someone is injured in the unlikely event of an accident, this insurance can help to protect you and your property.

3. Prioritise Experience:

Experience speaks volumes in the world of pool fencing. Choose a fencing company in Bayside Melbourne with at least 10 years of expertise. Experienced pool fencers with this level of experience should be able to adeptly navigate regulations and usually have fantastic relationships with suppliers of high-quality products, delivering a seamless, safe and high-quality project.

Experienced pool fencers are also able to better problem-solve for any unexpected challenges, as they have most likely encountered a range of issues in the past. If you were to choose a fence installer Bayside Melbourne without this kind of experience, they may be up against unforeseen obstacles which could potentially delay the installation process and lead to ineffective or inefficient pool fence installation.

At Infinity Outdoor Living we have 18 years’ experience, which assures high levels of professionalism, efficiency and work quality.

4. Validate Quality Through Reviews:

Gauge a company’s reputation and professionalism through online testimonials and reviews. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and Word Of Mouth offer valuable insights into the client experience.

5. Showcase of Work on Websites and Social Media:

Explore examples of a fencing company’s work on their website and social media accounts. These examples can display different materials, features and styles that you may not otherwise have even envisioned. Past projects can also be a great guide of the fencer’s workmanship, customer satisfaction and any potential concerns regarding their work.

It is important for you to ensure the company you’re looking into for fencing South East Melbourne has a compatible aesthetic and style that aligns with your preferences.

At Infinity Outdoor Living we love showing off the beautiful work we have created for so many of our happy clients. In our gallery you can see the vast array of fencing designs we have created. You can also view more on our social media accounts on both Facebook and Instagram.

6. Region-Specific Specialisation:

Opt for a fencing company that specialises in your region. Local expertise ensures knowledge of the latest styles, weather conditions, and ground conditions specific to your neighbourhood. This familiarity allows for better support post-installation as well, and ensures compliance with state laws and regulations applicable in your area.

7. Detailed Quotes and Contracts:

Prioritise comprehensive quotes and contracts that outline all details. This includes clear contact information including company logo and ABN, a thorough description of services, clear costs, payment terms, warranties and terms and conditions. A well-structured quote and contract ensures transparency and helps both parties understand expectations.

8. Personal Connection:

Finally, assess the personal connection and shared values with your chosen fencer in Bayside Melbourne. Engage with a company that aligns with your ideas and values, to ensure a satisfying experience, that results in the visually appealing space you had dreamed of.

Ready to discuss your next pool fencing project in Bayside Melbourne? Contact Infinity Outdoor Living today and let’s bring your vision to life!


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